What is the best trigger pull gauge?

    You should know what weight your trigger pulls are set on all of your firearms. Especially if you have made adjustments. First, safety is primary concern. Know that a trigger pull at 1 lb or less could possibly allow the weapon to fire without the trigger actually being pulled depending on the trigger make and type.

    If you are a serious target shooter or bench rest shooter, you have probably adjusted your trigger within this range and know enough to ensure safety when you use the firearm.

    Second, the lighter the trigger pull weight, the lower the probably of rifle or pistol movement during the shot which results in higher levels of accuracy.

    So what is the objective of setting trigger pull weight? To get the pull weight as light as possible for improved accuracy and still be safe.

    Assuming you are not a bench rest shooter, a safe pull weight for most rifle triggers used for hunting or rifle competitions from differents postions where there is a lot of moving around is around 2-3 lbs.

    After adjusting your trigger always verify the safety of the adjustment by cocking the firing pin mechanism, while the rifle is empty of course, then bump the stock aggressively with your fist. The rifle should be able to absorb that impact without the firing pin activating. If not, continue to raise the trigger pull weight or make the adjustments necessary until it is proven safe using the procedure above.

    I like to have my pistol triggers a little higher, around 4 lbs minimum, because they are exposed to much more touching and brushing on coats and other items if you are carrying it around. Always make sure you have a safe but fast holster. I use this one for my M&P 22s and this one for my Ruger Marks.

    This is the range where most pistol triggers are set from the factory although I have seen some at the 6 pound mark and higher.

    I've used the Lyman trigger pull gauge and found it to produce the most repeatable results of any of the other gauges on the market currently.

    Lyman’s revolutionary Digital Trigger Pull Gauge is designed to be the fastest and most accurate trigger pull gauge available. The state-of-the-art strain gauge technology allows for accuracy of 1/10 ounce/2 grams.

    The gauge will read to a maximum 12lb/5.4kg and features a large, easy-to-read LCD display.

    To operate, simply press the ready button, hook the roller around the trigger of your firearm and pull until the trigger releases. (Make sure firearm is not loaded.)

    The gauge will display and hold the exact trigger pull weight. For a new reading, just press the ready button and repeat. The gauge will also give you an average of up to the last 10 readings. Switch from ounces to grams with the push of a button.

    The fully adjustable rod works on any firearm. This is the perfect tool for target shooters, silhouette shooters, gunsmiths, hunters, or anyone who wants to adjust their trigger pull weight accurately and easily. Works with single 9V battery (not included).

    The unit comes with a carry / storage case and the needed AAA batteries to use it right out of the box.

    It is a top seller in the category on Amazon with 576 reviews at the time of this writing averaging an outstanding 4.5 by the customers who purchased it.

    Below are a few of the latest reviews

    "This trigger pull gauge is excellent. Very accurate as long as you work to establish that you are placing the pull area nearly the same area of the trigger. If the firearm is in a vise it works best as you won't see the firearm move when pulling. Slow steady pulls allow the gauge to roll into the same area. Even hand holding a pistol it was very accurate and within a few ounces each time. It can average up to 10 pulls that it records with a press of a button."

    "If your wondering what your trigger pull is, this is for you. I had to have the first one replaced because it was stuck in a self test mode but the replacement was here before you knew it. The unit is easy to use and it provides an average for the test pulls you accomplish. I believe it beats the spring versions where your writing the trigger pull weights down and calculating the averages. I haven't compared this to any other trigger gauges for accuracy, but I sure something is probably available on YouTube."

    "I began testing the Lyman with my Glock. It took practice, but I finally got consistent readings. I braced my Glock against the edge of a flat-faced counter so I didn't have to provide any counter force to the Lyman. The biggest discrepancy was due to my inconsistent pulling of the trigger. Once you get it on the same part of the trigger and provide a consistent gentle pull, the unit works as advertised."

    Watch the video below from Lyman for more information.

    This is the trigger pull gauge for any serious shooter. Check it out here on Amazon.

    If you still aren't convinced, check out the other major trigger pull guages on Amazon listed below.

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