Best rifle vice for the money

    What is worse than trying to hold or balance a rifle while you work on or look for a problem. A stable platform that securely holds rifles, and many other things where you put them is worth it's weight in gold when you really need it.

    Some of the features of the Tipton Ultra gun vise

    • EASE OF USE: All 4 feet are non-slip and independently adjustable, the tool and accessory trays are removable and the entire vise mounts directly to the benchtop (hardware not included)

    • VERSATILITY: Ball and socket articulating clamp pads allow for the pads to adapt to any firearm’s surface with height and length adjustable front and rear clamps

    • NON-DESTRUCTIVE: Non-marring, glass-filled nylon vise/clamp construction

    • DURABLE: Features a steel tube frame structure

    The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is a perfect fit for any serious firearm or archery owner. Its versatile design allows users to securely lock in conventional rifles, break open shotguns, modern sporting rifles, handguns, muzzle loaders, compound bows and crossbows for cleaning, gunsmithing and maintenance. The Ultra Gun Vise features articulating over molded non marring rubber clamps, two solvent-resistant clamp assemblies, two solvent-resistant accessory trays and four individual leveling feet. Additional features include a rigid stainless steel frame, modular chassis system, and non-slip ergonomic adjustment knobs. The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise is built to last and is the absolute BEST vise you can own!

    • Different modules can be quickly moved, rearranged or removed anywhere along the rail.

    • 2 re-arrangeable or removable accessory trays.

    • Over molded rubber contact pads throughout the device prevent damage to firearm.

    • Ball and socket articulating clamp pads allow for the pads to adapt to any surface.

    Leveling feet on all corners makes scope leveling easier.

    Dual clamp technology rigidly holds any firearm and most bows and crossbows in place.

    Great for mounting scopes. Features 4 independently leveling feet to ensure your firearm is level for scope mounting.

    Ball and socket articulating clamp pads allow for the pads to adapt to any surface.

    This will absolutely be the best and most used tool in your gun room. To check the price on Amazon click here.

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