Caldwell long range target camera

    Imagine if you and your spotter could see precise impact points near or on your target clearly on your cell phone or tablet from up to a mile away. What if you could replay the whole shot over again if needed and calculate group sizes from your shooting position. Would that information improve your long range shooting results? Well now it's not only possible for the amateur to do these things, it's affordable as well.

    There are several new technology offerings on the market around this type of technology but Caldwell has a system that is not only a professional grade system but affordable for the normal shooter.

    It is called the Caldwell 156726 Ballistic Precision Long Range Target Camera System. The visual image you

    receive on your cell phone from the camera is 720. All of the electronics are housed in completely water / weather proof housings. The batteries are all lithium ion rechargeable units which allows extended use of the system or can be plugged in for constant use if you plan to use it in a permanent application.

    The app system it uses for operation is available free and is compatible with either Iphone or android units. You can download the app right now if you'd like to check it out. Just click here.

    Below is an actual screen shot from a target that was 600 yards away. It can be set up for an even closer view if desired.

    Here are more of the feature this system offers

    • View your current shots on the app

    • Take stills and record video of your shots

    • Take notes right on the photos you take

    • Calculate your group size

    • Save all your info and images to pull up later

    • Compatible with Android, iPhone and Kindle

    The one mile range delivers live streaming HD video footage of your target to your smartphone or tablet through Caldwell's free app. The app also allows you to record video, take pictures, and can even calculate your group size! The Caldwell Ballistic Precision LR Target Camera comes with a premium storage case to store the entire system.

    The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows you to use the target camera for up to 6 hours. If a more permanent setup is desired, the target camera also features an external power jack to hook up to an alternative power source. Setup is incredibly easy. No cantankerous wires and chords to slow you down.

    Simply set up the powerful transmitter and receiver, aim the high definition camera head on the bullseye of your target and stream crystal clear, highly viz able video of your target from a very long distance! The Caldwell Ballistic Precision LR Target Camera will become the one thing you don't want to leave home without before heading to the shooting range!​

    This system usually runs a little over $300 which is not cheap but not bad either if you are in the market for a spotting scope. This can actually take the place of a good spotting scope and could easily make accurate long range shooting a one man sport since you can recall any shot and watch it again. At my age anything that reduces the amount of walking or driving to the target is a good thing. And it allows me to spend my time shooting vs checking targets. Click here to check out the system on Amazon.

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