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Shooters, gunsmiths and collectors alike will find the revised version of this handy rimfire rifle disassembly guide an essential reference for taking apart and putting back together today's most popular models of rimfire rifles for routine maintenance, cleaning and repair.

Step-by-step instructions and clear photographs make it easy to disassemble and reassemble a wide range of modern and vintage rimfires. Author Kevin Muramatsu's decades of gunsmithing experience shines through with practical tips that help you overcome disassembly/reassembly hurdles for each model — those tricky parts that can leave your .22 plinker or squirrel gun in pieces on the workbench.

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Your Complete Guide to 10/22 Parts

This is the most complete guide ever on aftermarket parts for the Ruger 10/22. With installation instructions, performance evaluations and advice, the authors lead you step-by-step through the process.

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