Hi, my name is Mike and I have been involved in the competitive shooting sports, hunting, concealed carry, archery, and reloading for over 35 years. Anything to do with shooting was an activity that I have always enjoyed. I guess you could say, shooting is my thing.


I am a certified NRA instructor and RSO at my local range and still shoot competitively at the amateur level in many disciplines using both pistols, rifles, and shotguns. I still enjoy every second of it can't wait to get back to the range or field.


My favorite competitive disciplines thorough the years are both small bore silhouette, trap, skeet, IDPA pistol, and precision bench rest rifle. I have learned a ton about how to get better at all of these and I am ready to pass the knowledge along to you while just having fun writing about my favorite subject.


I have spent a ton of hours in the field hunting every game animal you can name. Mostly deer and varmints but I have certainly taken my share of turkeys, ducks, doves, quail and rabbits.


Now, being retired, I have more time to pursue my passion and have decided to build this website - Shooter's Den - which is intended to pass the knowledge and enjoyment I have gained along the way to others who share the same passion.


At Shooter's Den you will find information and articles intended to help you become better at whatever discipline becomes your favorite. From IDPA pistol competitions, to precision rifle, to skeet and trap, to archery, you will find the information you are looking for here.


Even if you are not the ultimate competitor type, You will find information that will help you get more enjoyment at your local range with your friends or during hunting season or hanging around the local gun shop. After all isn't that what the shooting sports are all about? Join your friends and get on the shooter's train. The ride starts here.

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